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March 25, 2014 by joshcornfield

I set up shortly before ONA 2012 just to have a place to have my resume online so that I didn’t look like a complete rube when trolling for jobs. Of course, what I left for San Francisco with – resume, about page, empty space – probably made me look even worse.

Now that I’m teaching my Editing the News students at Temple about blogging, though, it seems pretty ridiculous to leave my own site empty. So, I’m going to start posting. Once in a while. Or more.

My 17 students will be blogging (at least) a couple of times a week for the next month, so I’ll make sure to highlight some of their best work here.

I started this first post in the final 15 minutes of today’s class, as the students worked on their own blogs. Thanks to Luke O’Neil for the thoughts. May my class be among the generation that works to Put the Internet Back Together Again.

While you’re here, here’s a few Rebel Mouse-powered pages you might like:

–>On digital media

–>My AP edits

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